Meet the Team

As a member of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts office, Tiffany supports faculty advisors at Rollins College by providing professional advising knowledge, training, and expertise. Tiffany acts as a central reference point for clarifying Faculty Advisors questions or concerns. Additionally, Tiffany provides supplemental advising for advisees who are academically at risk.

Tiffany K. Griffin, M.A. is a member of NACADA and Certified in Appreciative Advising. Tiffany holds a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, both from Rollins College. When not at work, Tiffany finds activities that allow her to be curious and creative with her husband and her two kids.  

Gabriel Barreneche
Associate Dean of Advising
Warren 206A
Janette Smith
Coordinator, Academic Support
Warren 206
Meet the RCompass Adivsing Mentors
Dr. Gregory Cavenaugh
Lecturer, Communication
In addition to his teaching and scholarly work in Communication Studies,  Dr. Cavenaugh serves as a R-compass Advising Mentor for the Applied Social Sciences Faculty Advisors.
Dr. Julian Chambliss
Professor, History
In addition to his teaching and scholarly work in History, Dr. Chambliss serves as a Rcompass Advising Mentor for the Social Science Faculty Advisors.
Dr. Jill Jones
Professor, English
In addition to her teaching and scholarly work in English, Dr. Jones serves as a R-compass and Advising Mentor for the Humanities Faculty Advisors.
Dr. Jay Pieczynski
Assistant Professor, Biology
In addition to his teaching and scholarly work in Biology, Dr. Pieczynski serves as a R-compass Advising Mentor for the Science Faculty Advisors.
Timothy Pett
Associate Professor, Business Department

In addition to teaching in Business,  Dr. Pett serves a R-RCOMPASS Advising Mentor for the Business Faculty Advisors.

Dr. Kasandra Riley
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
In addition to teaching in Chemistry, Dr. Riley serves as a R-compass Advising Mentor for the Science Faculty Advisors.
Dr. Martina Vidovic
Associate Professor, Economics and Director of Rollins College Conference program
In addition to teaching in Economics, Dr. Vidovic serves as a R-compass Advising Mentor for the Rollins College Conference Course advisors.
Dr. Tonia Warnecke
Associate Professor, Business Department
In addition to teaching in Business and Social Entrepreneurship, Dr. Warnecke serves as a R-compass Advising Mentor for the Business Faculty Advisors.

Academic Advising
Rollins College
Tiffany Griffin
Director, Undergraduate Academic Advising Support Services
T. 407.646.2592