Lucy Cross

Lucy Cross, Rollins CollegeA graduate of Oberlin College (the oldest co-educational institution of higher learning in the country), Lucy Cross moved to Daytona Beach, Florida, and in 1880 founded the Daytona Institute for the sons and daughters of tourists. Cross first placed the matter of establishing a college in Florida before the Congregational Churches in 1884. A year later, the Church responded by appointing her to the committee charged with choosing the location of the first college in Florida. In 1885, Winter Park was awarded the honor of being home to Rollins College and Cross was hailed as the “Mother of Rollins College” because of her connection and dedication towards the establishment of the institution. (It comes as no surprise that Rollins was founded as a co-educational institution because of Cross’ ties to Oberlin College.) To read more about Lucy Cross, please visit the Rollins College Archives Golden Personalities site.

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