Hugh McKean

Hugh McKean, Rollins CollegeHugh McKean was a graduate of the class of 1930, an art professor, and Rollins’ 10th President.  During his administration, the College developed the Honors Degree program for exceptionally well-prepared and qualified students.  He also established graduate programs in education and business, the former Brevard Campus, and the Hamilton Holt School, providing evening education programs for nearly 2,000 adults annually.  Although President McKean was a student and professor of art, his administration brought significant advances and general strengthening of the College programs in business administration, economics, and the sciences.

President McKean was also the originator of Fox Day – the beloved Rollins tradition.  On May 17, 1956, McKean placed a statue of a fox on Mills Lawn and declared classes canceled for the day, inviting the students to do spend the day “doing things as a college.”  The day was so popular with the students that McKean brought it back in the following years and in 1963, he included a proclamation from the Fox.  To read the early proclamations, or learn about the tradition’s history, visit

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